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Category Archives: Things I Don’t Understand

She was there to help liberate a people, all of them.

She, along with other reporters, brought stories out of the region that helped put pressure on officials and the military.

She is strong, intelligent, hard-working, and dedicated.

She had every right to be there doing her job, so don’t you dare blame her.

She was brutally beaten and raped by some of the men she worked to help liberate.

She was eventually EVENTUALLY rescued by a group of women. Women who are not free in their own country.

Her tormentors will never be caught or punished; they will live their lives relishing their new “freedom.” The freedom she, and other brave souls, helped them achieve.

She will live every day with the consequences of their inhuman and inhumane actions. And so will we.

I do not have it in me to rejoice in the liberation of such men. I fear for the futures of the women and girls in such a place.

A man is not more important than a woman.

A boy is not more valuable than a girl.

Your version of the divine is not more important than anyone else’s.

You are not more important than everyone else.

A man’s freedom is not more important than a woman’s.

A boy’s freedom must not be achieved at the expense of a girl’s.

There are 6+ billion people in this world, half of them female, and millions of woman and girls are oppressed through slavery, sexual assault, forced marriage, lack of education, sexual slavery, and more.

In honor of CBS reporter Lara Logan, I am sending a donation to a group liked by Half the Sky and going shopping at Joyful Heart.

I urge you to do the same.

“I would have girls regard themselves not as adjectives but as nouns.” – Elizabeth Cady Stanton