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As I’ve noted, the annual fiber arts sale is just a few weeks away. And I have little or nothing to sell. After discussions with my sister, I decided to try to make some things for men. Last year there were tons of scarves for sale, but most of them were clearly made for women.

First up in this series for men is a plain weave scarf I whipped up yesterday.

Masculine Scarf

Masculine fringe?

The warp is Malabrigo wool, the weft is Pima Fesca cotton from Queensland Collection. I know, I know, Malabrigo is not really strong enough to put in the warp. That’s why I made it plain weave; so I could pull really really gently and not stress the yarns too much.

I hate loom waste so much I actually wove the last four inches using a needle and pulling yards of the weft through the scarf that way. For those of you who aren’t weavers, when you tie all the threads onto the loom, you can waste up to 30 inches of yarn in the process. That “loom waste” secures the threads to the loom, doesn’t get woven, and generally gets thrown away. Multiply that by 70 warp threads, and you’re wasting a heck of a lot of yarn. Because I wove with the needle, I only had 3 inches of loom waste on one end, none on the other. Hence the fringe; helps me keep the loom waste to a minimum by using a lot of the tied-on threads as fringe.

That’s the problem and the question for the day:
What kind of finish/edge do you put on a man’s scarf? I cannot really see a man wanting to wear a scarf with this fringe, so I’m considering undoing the twists and just knotting small groups of yarn into bunches. That seems more masculine to me. This scarf is really too thick for me to cut off the fringe, fold over the edge, and just hem it. Suggestions welcome.

Recent read: Tiaras Past and Present by Munn. Recommended for the magpie in all of us.

Current audiobook: The Night Circus by Morgenstern, performed by Jim Dale (of the Harry Potter audiobooks). I’m not entranced, but I am enjoying hearing Jim Dale perform again.

“It is not our abilities that show what we truly are, it is our choices.” – JK Rowling


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