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I’m working on the gifts for the friends who hauled the Most Precious Icelandic Pattern Book home for me. Because I 1) barely know how to knit and 2) have to do things the hard way, I made a hat by adapting two existing patterns.

I wanted to use Cash Vero DK, but couldn’t find a basic stockinette or stranded hat pattern in that weight. I started with the Skull Hat from Gina Doherty, then replaced the skull pattern with patterns from the lovely Icelandic book.

At the beginning I cast on 112 stitches on size 6s instead of 98 stitches on 7s. Okay, first I cast on 126 and knit three inches until I realized the hat was going to be way too big. Ripped that out, cast on 112 on size 6 circulars, and started over. Knit the ear band about 2.5 inches deep, which seems to be enough, then began the external portion of the hat.

After roughly 60 rows, I switched to double pointed 6s and used the Cthulhu’s Unspeakable Hat as a guide for the decreases. As I had 112 stitches instead of her 100, I adapted (what I can tell from my scribbled notes):
K1 k2T K22 K2T K1
Knit a row without decreases
K1 K2T K16 K2T K1
Knit a row without decreases
and so on.

I’m sure there is a far easier way to go about this, if I was willing to buckle down and learn things like gauge and picking the correct yarn for a given pattern.

This also tells you what kind of hostess I am. When my brother dropped by, I didn’t even say, “Hello” but instead, “I need to borrow your head.” I proceeded to cram the 2/3 done hat onto his head, double points and all, to see if it would fit an adult human male. He really is a patient person.

No pictures yet, since I’m going to show this off to the fiber group next week and then ship it off to the friends. I want to maintain a little bit of the mystery for them, just in case they’re reading this entry…

“A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.” – Elbert Hubbard


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