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Another great co-worker is leaving, again not because of me! She is taking a year off to figure out the best direction for the rest of her life. I unfolded the Schacht Baby Wolf loom and got to work making her a scarf to accompany her on those journeys.

Her favorite colors are orange, tan, rust – not my usual palette. I was aiming for the colors of fall, and hopefully this random mash-up works. I used 5/2 pearl cotton in both warp and weft, alternating every random warp colored strand with one in the same rust cotton of the weft. Flung myself on the mercy of the ladies at Shuttles to pick some of the colors. Next time, I think I’ll switch to a bamboo for the weft to give the scarf a better hand. If she beats it up for a decade or more it’ll soften up. One picture was taken in shade the other in sunlight, just to confuse you more about what color this scarf really is.

Erica's Autumn

Erica's Autumn in Shade

Erica's Autumn in Sun

Erica's Autumn in Sun

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus


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