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A friend has offered me her yarn ball winder, which she has never used and just doesn’t need. As this will be very helpful for the yarn reclamation project, I’m excited about this gift. In exchange, I’m making her some dishtowels. She didn’t ask for anything in return, mind, I just thought it would be nice. First time out with waffle weave and they look pretty good. 5/2 cotton, two shades of green plus natural.

Waffle Weave Towels

Waffle on the Loom

I need to sew a quick line along the bottom with the sewing machine, because I’ve elected not to hem them. They’re hem stitched, but do not have a foldover hem because the 5/2 cotton wasn’t cooperating. Once that stitch is done I can throw these in the wash and see what happens.

Current Audibooks: Just finished Physick by Angie Sage. Now halfway through Airborn by Kenneth Oppel.

Current Book: Just finished The Monstrumologist by Yancey, now a few chapters in to Martin Booth’s Soul Stealer.

Up next: Re-reading some Diana Wynne Jones

“Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons.” – Ruth Ann Schabacker


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