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“The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.” – Marcus Aurelius

Riesines IV - Three Needle Bind Off

Kermit or Green Lantern?

I tried the provisional cast on with this Kermit green sock yarn from Tofutsies. Expensive yarn, but I used next to nothing making one wrist warmer. Not my first choice of color, but I’m making these for a friend and her favorites colors are lime green and lilac. The beads, shown strung on the yarn, are a frosted lilac when you see them in person.

The trick with the provisional cast on is, you have to be able to get the waste yarn back out of the work without destroying anything. On size 2 needles. I commandeered two of the folks at Shuttles and they graciously got me out of my mess. Then one calmly and logically showed me the three needle bind off. Not nearly as difficult as I thought, and fairly easy to do with this stretchy sock yarn.

You can’t see the seam all that well in the picture, which is the point I suppose. I would have taken a photo in process but 1) I forgot my camera and 2) I needed five hands to do the bind off and didn’t have any left to take pictures. Definitely a prettier and sturdier seam than what I put in the other pair. One down, one more Kermit green wrist warmer to go.

Currently Watching: Just finished Sanctuary Season Two. Complete cliffhanger, Goddess of Destruction poised to destroy the world. And I’ve missed most of Season Three on tv so I don’t know what happened. Hulu anyone?

Currently Reading: A Calvin and Hobbes collection. Whenever it snows I think of Calvin’s snow sculptures and dive back into re-reading these comics.

“It’s not easy being green.” – Kermit The Frog


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