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I mentioned to the fabulous Judy S at Shuttles that I was bored with weaving scarves. “So weave some dish towels,” she said. I haven’t made dish towels since one of the first weaving assignments over a year ago, but what is more useful than kitchen towels?

Completely logical. I have literally pounds of cotton that I’ve purchased from Shuttles over the past year. Among this bounty are three giant (the size of a human head mind you) cones of flake cotton in Steam, Smoke, and a third color I cannot remember. While I really like the look of white – white cushion covers, white sheets, white towels – I am realistic-enough to know that I will never keep those things looking pristine. I figure dish towels should be more of a useful (ie. stain-disguising) color.

Weave some dish towels

I had originally planned on weaving these up in a Bronson lace pattern, but do not have enough heddles on my loom to do so. I barely had enough heddles to do 300 ends in a basic 1-2-3-4 threading and twill treadling. Time to look at adding heddles if I’m going to use the rest of this flake cotton for a useful purpose.

I wove these at 20epi but the towels seem a little delicate after the initial hand-washing. Since I banged the heck out of the edges using this soft flake cotton, I’m going to hem both the bottoms and wonky edges of the towels. After that, I’ll put the towels to true test of washer/dryer and see if they 1) survive intact and 2) bulk up in the wash.

“The best time to plan a book is while you’re doing the dishes.” – Agatha Christie
(Note: Does this mean doing the dishes leads to homicidal thoughts? She was after all a brilliant murder mystery writer.)


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