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On August 23, 1912 a genius was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  His name was Eugene Curran Kelly and today would have been his 98th birthday.

In honor of Mr. Kelly, I watched Brigadoon this evening, the timeless love story of a Scottish village stuck out of time. This is probably the 30th time I’ve watched Brigadoon and each time the day-to-day pointlessness of office politics shown in the movie strikes a deeper chord. No wonder we all craft so much.

I also worked on my seemingly-endless black wool sweater; I thought the wool in Brigadoon might prove inspirational. I’m a year into knitting this top-down sweater and I’m now on the sleeves. It is from Knitting Pure and Simple, cardigan #241. Now that I’ve seen it, #104 looks really cute as well – and no sleeves which would make it faster to knit!

If you’ve never watched a Gene Kelly movie, rush right out or online and watch some. You’ll be glad you did. Here’s a little taste.

“I know one thing. For the rest of my life, whenever it rains . . . I will think of him and smile.” – Liza Minnelli


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