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I’ve made a second attempt at Alexandra’s Needle Case

Knitting Needle Case Take Two

Tips this time around if you’re thinking of making one of these:

1) Leave enough extra around the backing fabric to fold it over and make the outside binding.

2) Make the double-pointed needle strip shorter to fit shorter DPNs.

3) Cut each strip a little taller than suggested, to fold it over twice and make a simple binding at the top of each strip. This makes it easier to sew the channels for the needles themselves. You have to turn everything face-down to sew the channels, which means you’d have to pin down any binding on the front carefully (lest it turn up whilst you’re sewing on the opposite side).

4) I ran over to HotTopic and got some skeleton shoelaces, which I think will make great ties for the case.

If I was better with a sewing machine I would have sewn this all with blood red thread, but I think NekoMade will like it anyway. And hopefully it will be useful to her with all of her own crafting!

“Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.” – Richard Bach quotes


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