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With my generous holiday gift certificates for Shuttles, I finally bought a Schacht boat shuttle. Up until now I’ve been weaving everything, including a couple of shawls, with a stick shuttle. You can see the new boat shuttle in action on Elizabeth’s bamboo scarf here:

View of the new boat shuttle

Trick is, you have to wind all the weft yarn onto the bobbin, and right now I’d rather spend money on yarn than a bobbin winder. Someone in my first weaving class said that she modified her electric drill to wind bobbins. It looks like lots of other weavers out there have tried this, so I thought I’d make a run at it as well. Works pretty well, especially since I have a drill bit that is just the right size to fit tightly with the bobbin so there’s no wobbling involved. This boat shuttle makes weaving that much faster and even more enjoyable!

Electric drill as bobbin winder

“I’m more interested in what I discover than what I invent.” – Paul Simon


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