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Some loom manufacturers recommend that your loom be kept out of direct sunlight, to protect the wood from drying out and cracking. When not in use my loom rests directly in front of the window, and I want to be able to open the curtains and still protect the loom. At a recent round-robin workshop, a fellow weaver brought her Schacht loom complete with homemade loom cover. She used to be a home ec and sewing teacher, so for her crafting a loom cover was probably a couple of hours of work. My brain, not being so spatially-oriented, is taking a bit longer to figure this out.

My eco-friendly take is that I shouldn’t purchase brand new fabric just to cover the loom. I took a trip to my local ARC Thrift Shop and found two Martha Stewart cotton duck curtain panels ($8 total). The panels are 42″x77″, tab-tops not included.

Loom Cover I

Loom Cover Supplies from ARC

I’ve spent two days thinking, pinning, and cutting judiciously. By making use of the existing side and bottom hems, I won’t need to hem the cover when it is done. Tailoring around a loom would seem to be easy at first, but not for the spatially-disoriented. Two tricks:
1) One side of the loom has a handle that sticks out. The clever person in the weaving workshop put in a kick-pleat.
2) My loom is wider at the bottom than at the top because of the wheels, so I need rhombus shapes instead of strict rectangles for the side pieces.

Loom Cover 2

Attempting to Tailor the Loom Cover

Next steps will be to take it off the loom and get this onto the sewing machine. I’ll keep you posted.

“We share the earth not only with our fellow human beings, but with all the other creatures.” – The Dalai Lama


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