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It is remarkably overcast and cold today, which means we’ve gotten spoiled with the blue skies lately.  The candles lit for Saint/Goddess Brigid didn’t have the desired effect because winter is here to stay.  A perfect day to huddle up with yarn or fabric, in anticipation of tomorrow’s big game. Or run out to the shops and get the crafting supplies you need if you plan to eschew (Word of the Day) the game tomorrow.  Because of the cold, I’m going to work on a friend’s Christmas stocking (her dog ate hers this year) and think of cold holidays.

I’m still puzzling over the banana silk scarf, which has a great drape and shine but horrid fringe. You can see Wally modeling it in this post.  The banana silk came from the very dangerous Fancy Tiger, , which has unusual fibers and an overall great shop. You just feel more creative when you’re standing inside Fancy Tiger.

I was also able to stop by Table Rock Lamas a few weeks ago,  , because I’m always willing to roam around a new fiber shop. Snagged some locally-raised, locally-spun llama yarn so will have to experiment with some of that soon!

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”
Albert Einstein


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