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Before you get the wrong idea, neither of us has a fabulous home studio for crafting. We both work at least one outside job, in some cases more, and we have very small living spaces.   Crafting is something we do to make each day as creative as possible, but we have to be realistic in our approach.  We can gaze longingly at those coffee table books about setting up a home studio, but neither of us has the money or space to store the book much less have the studio!

You can still make crafting work, regardless of your employment or living arrangements, you just have to be logical in your organization.  Case in point (pun intended), this great wheeled suitcase purchased years ago.  As a travel accessory, it is fairly useless when compared to more modern luggage. But as craft storage, it works brilliantly.  This simple wheeled suitcase holds 13 plastic bead cases, top loaded.  13!  Plus the pliers, crimpers, clips, and other tools needed for beading.

When you want to craft, you take out all the supplies and put them on the table. Or sit on the floor, open up each bead case, and surround yourself with all the creative options at once.  When you’re done for the day, pack it all up into one suitcase and tuck it away in a corner or closet.  That’s it, our entire jewelry-making business in roughly 3 cubic feet.  So worry less about where you craft, and spend time on the crafting itself. Check out your local thrift shops for sturdy, compact storage options for your own jewelry-studio-in-a-case.

“I have a small house so I borrow everything except art, that’s what I love.” – Salma Hayek


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